Radically Mine 2018 - Talented students show their work in the Van Abbe

Foto Eline Baggen
Opening Radically Mine. Foto: Marcel de Buck
Opening Radically Mine. Foto: Marcel de Buck
Winnaar Angèle Jaspers Radically Mine award. Foto: Marcel de Buck
Winaars Radically Mine!. Foto: Marcel de Buck
Radically Mine! Foto: Marcel de Buck
Junior rondleiders Yip, Marcella en Jindy
Radically Mine! Foto: Marcel de Buck
Radically Mine! Foto: Marcel de Buck
Radically Mine! Foto: Marcel de Buck
Kick-off Radically Mine! 2018. Foto Tristan van der Putten
Kick-off Radically Mine! Foto Tristan van der Putten
Kick-off Radically Mine! 2018. Foto Tristan van der Putten

Radically Mine 2018 Talented students show their work in the Van Abbe

28/04/2018 - 10/06/2018
Opening: 12/05/2018 14:00
Curator: Marleen Hartjes

This is the 9th edition of the project Radically Mine!, in which students of secondary schools create their own artwork inspired by the collection of the Van Abbemuseum. Over 240 pupils from 9 different secondary schools are participating this year. A selection of the artworks they are going to make will be exhibited in the museum on the second floor of the Collection Building. They become part of the collection presentation and they will give you a new way to look at the collection. Last year's edition was a great success and we hope to make this year's edition a success as well!

Participating schools

Augustinianum, Montessori College,  Sint-Joris College, SUMMA Fashion (Eindhoven) / Jeroen Bosch College (Den Bosch) / Strabrecht college (Geldrop) / Gymnasium Bernrode (Heeswijk Dinther) /  De Berkenschutse (Heeze) / Carolus Borremeus College (Helmond).


The central themes in the Van Abbemuseum's collection exhibition The Way Beyond Art are Land, Home and Work. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, wherever you live on this earth; these themes play an important role in everyone's life. It determines your perspective, the way you look at the world. The students all chose one of these three themes and made a mindmap about it. Afterwards they chose three artworks from the exhibition related to their theme. Inspired by these three works and their mindmap, the students make their own artwork. They can choose which material and technique they want to use, as long as they use their fantasy and try to tell a story with the artwork. 


The Van Abbemuseum believes the museum should be accesible and inclusive to all, despite any impairments. Students of a school for Special Needs Education particpate as well since creative talent goes beyond the boundaries of limitations.  Proof is delivered by students of  De Berkenschutse, an educational institution for pupils with epilepsy, long-term sick pupils, pupils with learning difficulties, multiple handicapped pupils and pupils with autism.


For the exhibition the museum selects several artworks from every participating school. A catalogue will be made from the works of all participating students (also from the ones that are not on view in the exhibition). Every student will have a page with a small text, a picture from the artwork they made, images of the three artworks they chose and a picture of themselves.


The official and festive opening of the Radically Mine exhibition will be on Saturday 12 May at 2 p.m. 
The exhibition runs from 28 April to the 10th of June.

Guided tours

During the exhibition, on some Sundays at 3 pm, junior tour guides - participants in the exhibition - give a special tour through the exhibition (in Dutch):

  • Sunday 6 May: Jindy
  • Sunday 13 May: Yip
  • Sunday 20 May: Marcella
  • Sunday 27 May: Marcella

Jury prize and Public award

The three winners of the jury prize will be anounced at the opening of the exhibition. Next to the jury prize, there will also be a public award. From 28 April until 8 June until noon the public can vote online on their favorite artwork, which can be done on this page. In the afternoon of 8 June the winner of the public award will be announced. 


For Radically Mine we again collaborate with Kunstbende to help these youngsters to further develop their talents. Eight students will be selected, they will receive a wildcard for the regional finals of Kunstbende in the Mezz in Breda on 15 April. 


This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog. The digital version can be found below:  

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