Radically Mine 2021 - Who We Are

Radically Mine Award. Foto: Bram Saeys
Opening Radically Mine in het Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. Foto: Bram Saeys.
Sorry, door Joeri Bartels (17 jaar Strabrecht College)
Carnaval, Debby Schoon (20 jaar, Summa fashion)
Sorry, Joeri Bartels (17 jaar Strabrecht College)
Westerse muziek? door Django Schüller (15 jaar, Carolus Borromeus College)

Radically Mine 2021 Who We Are

22/04/2021 - 18/07/2021
11:00 - 17:00
Opening: 22/04/2021 15:00 by Esche, Charles (Curator, Speaker)
Curator: Marleen Hartjes

How do young people feel about our colonial past? And what role do tradition, identity, culture and family play in their lives? Last year 268 young people from 13 secondary and mbo schools explored these questions and created artworks, inspired by this theme. Radically Mine displays a selection of 45 of these works.

My identity consists of many different pieces of a puzzle, it's not just the formal information stated on my identity card.

- Naomi van Rootseler, participant


This is the 12th edition of the annual Radically Mine project in which the museum collection inspires young people (vmbo, havo, vwo, gymnasium, special education and mbo) between the ages of 15 and 21. Participating student Naomi van Rootseler (16 years old, Jeroen Bosch College) came up with the title of this year’s exhibition: Who We Are. It refers to 1525, an exhibition about slavery by the Eindhoven artist Victor Sonna, and the accompanying public program Who are we? traces of the colonial past in Brabant. Both are part of Musea Bekennen Kleur.


The Radically Mine Award 2021 was presented on 22 April by a jury consisting of John Körmeling (Eindhoven artist), Steven ten Thije (head of collections), Silvan Vasilda (designer and co-initiator of the research project Who are we?) and Marleen Hartjes (Radically Mine project manager and curator). Winner was the 15 year old Django Schüller from the Carolus Borromeus College in Helmond with his artwork Westerse muziek?
From the jury report:

"It is a work full of striking winks. The guitar, made from a cigar box of the brand ‘corona superior’, is on display in the museum which was once founded by cigar manufacturer Henri van Abbe. He imported his tobacco from the Dutch East Indies. In addition, the endless sitting at home in lockdown forces us to maniacally carry out our hobbies such as playing the guitar."

Online opening Radically Mine 2021 - WHO WE ARE (in Dutch)


During the project the students engaged in dialogues with discussion leaders from Amnesty International. An artwork from the collection formed the starting point for conducting meaningful human rights dialogues on racism and discrimination. As part of this collaboration, Amnesty moderators received training on art viewing by the Van Abbemuseum.


Once again, the Van Abbemuseum and Kunstbende Noord-Brabant are joining forces to allow these young people to further develop their talents after their participation in Radically Mine. Kunstbende is the national competition for young creative talent. That is why 10 talented students receive a wildcard from the Van Abbemuseum. This gives them direct access to the Kunstbende regional final on Sunday 27 June.


Augustinianum, Eindhoven / Montessori College, Eindhoven / Summa Fashion, Eindhoven / Sint-Joriscollege, Eindhoven / Strabrecht College, Geldrop / De Berkenschutse, Heeze / Carolus Borromeus College, Helmond / Rythovius College, Eersel / WereDi, Valkenswaard / Gymnasium Bernrode, Heeswijk- Dinther / Jeroen Bosch College, Den Bosch.