omslag van het tijdschrift de USSR in opbouw 1940 nr. 10. Russische soldaat draagt kind. Montage van Es en El Lissitzky
omslag van het tijdschrift de USSR in opbouw 1940 nr. 2-3. Russische Soldaat en Ukrainsche boer kussen elkaar. Montage van Es en El Lissitzky
Stalin en Kaganovich uit het boek Moskou herbouwd van Rodchenko en Stepanova 1938 catalogus nr. 99


Utopian Visions from the Soviet Union 1930-1941
01/05/2016 - 29/07/2016

library exhibition

Opening: 01/05/2016 15:00

RED! comprises of more than 150 utopian visions from the Soviet Union dating from 1930 to 1941. After the Russian revolution in 1917 the rulers in the new Soviet Union decided on a unique approach to propagating their ideas. The Soviet ideology would be presented via radical avant-garde designs created by the country's cultural elite. As fervent supporters of the new order, authors and visual artists formed an artistic army, so to speak, that like the Red Army was at the service of the state. Particularly in the 1930s no other nation in the world employed as many top rate artists for propaganda purposes as the Soviet Union.

All works are derived from the LS collection of the Van Abbemuseum. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in Dutch.


Albert Lemmens, Serge Stommels and Diana Franssen.

The exhibition RED! was on view at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle (16.01 – 17.04.2016).