Ria van Eyk, Iceland Books

Created with the Colours of Vulcanic Soil
17/01/2005 - 24/02/2005

The oeuvre of Ria van Eyk (Venlo, 1938) consists of tapestries, paintings, drawings and commissioned works. She is one of the major pioneers engaged...

Her most well-known commission is the Hemeltapijt (Sky Carpet) in the Reception Room of the Royal Palace,  Amsterdam (1996-1999).

In the late nineteen fifties, having graduated from Eindhoven’s Academy of Industrial Design, she applied herself to ‘systematic’ art, in which colour, line and form refer to themselves as a result of an uncompromising system. Even her paintings are distinguished by the fact they can be explained by systematics and its consequences, in the form of a field of tension between pure form and personal concept. The library display Iceland Books: Created with the Colours of Volcanic Soil is a series of recent work inspired by her many travels to Iceland. However, it is not the mystical and romantic Iceland that is shown, but an Iceland interpreted into a personal texture by someone who knows the country.