Natasja Kensmil, Agatha of Catania, 2014
thursday evening open

Rituals, religon and colonization

lecture by prof. dr. Wouter van Beek
19:00 - 20:30
Thursday Evening Open
Positions #3 event

In the exhibition Positions #3 four young contemporary artists show us the world through their eyes. Rossella Biscotti, Duncan Campbell, Maryam Jafri and Natasja Kensmil are researchers of societal phenomena in the present and in the past. Social scientists are using different methods to look into our world as well. This is why we have invited 2 researchers to reflect on topics addressed in the exhibition, in collaboration with the Academic Forum of the University of Tilburg.

  • 19 January: Rituals, religion and colonisation by prof. dr. Wouter van Beek
  • 23 February: Psychology of Greed by dr. Terri Seuntjens 

Lecture Rituals, religion and colonisation 

Professor emeritus Wouter van Beek is an anthropologist of religion. He has special interest in rituals, religion and art. In his lecture he will share his knowledge on the topics which Natasja Kensmil touches upon in her work: religion and violence. She wonders what history tells us about the present and if the motives behind violent events really were religious, or maybe originated from territoriality and nationalism.

Maryam Jafri also shows us historical images in which she zooms in on the ceremonies of independence in the former colonies. The swearing in of a new leadership, the signing of relevant documents, the VIP parade, the stadium salute, the first address to the new nation, is all supervised and orchestrated by the departing colonial power. What exactly happened in the 24 hours twilight zone between being a territory and becoming a nation-state?

Wouter van Beek will share his vision on rituals and art in general; art is in the larger part of the world a colonial concept, taken from the colonisers repertoire. The transition rituals belonging to the instalment of the independent state, are designed by the departing coloniser, which means it is a double colonization. Which rituals were important when searching for a new and authentic identity? And how has the colonial past affected the world we know now?

The lecture starts at 19.00 hrs.
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