Singing performance 'Die Scheuche' - The end of 'Van Abbe en de Stijl'

Die Scheuche
Die Scheuche
De Vertooning

Singing performance 'Die Scheuche' The end of 'Van Abbe en de Stijl'

15:00 - 15:30

It is almost the end of the 'De Stijl-year', and also the exhibition Van Abbe and the Stijl is coming to an end. To conclude the exhibition and to bring a last ode to De Stijl, the ensemble De Vertooning will sing the typographical fairy tale Die Scheuche (The Scarecrow) in the Van Abbemuseum's auditorium. The fairy tale is dedicated to Antony Kok, co-founder of De Stijl and best friend of The van Doesburg (1883-1931).

This song from 2017 by composer Fons Mommers is the fairy tale Die Scheuche in sound. The fairy tale was made in 1925 by Kurt Schwitters, Käthe Steinitz and Theo van Doesburg. In the fairy tale text and image are displayed in a particular way that is blue and red. Unique in the work is the way in which it combines elements of 'De Stijl' with influences from Dada. While De Vertooning sings the song, the pages of the original fairy tale will be projected. 

Anyone can attend the performance without registration. A valid museum entranceticket is enough to see the show.

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