Sol Le Witt Autobiography

Sol LeWitt

Library Exhibition
03/05/2010 - 30/07/2010

This exhibition presents the collection of books of artists of the American artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2006). The publications come from the library...

In addition to his other more monumental works, LeWitt created books of artists from 1966. Modular systems and geometric structures based on a square are characteristic elements of his work. In the opinion of LeWitt the square is the most neutral basic form to design a concept as objective as possible. The book Variations of incomplete open cubes, 1973 is an excellent example for this idea.

The artist sees himself as a conceptual artist, but many people include his work in the Minimal Art movement but many others register him among the artists of the Minimal Art movement. Since the sixties – like other conceptual artists like for instance Lawrence Weiner- he is occupied with the idea of a non-hierarchical society with a visual art who is accesable, makable and payable for everybody. He sees his books as the cheapest and most informative demonstrations of his concept.

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