Southern-Dutch presentations #3 - your-space

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Southern-Dutch presentations #3 your-space

Opening: 14/05/2009 20:00
Curator: Freek Lomme

Two artists currently exhibiting within the region display some work and take us along into their work and point out their exhibition elsewhere.

"Art is not bound to a specific place or committed to a certain politics. Art is place and politics; a diversity, one of marginal stances. This connects and makes it all so interesting!"

Free acces
Free wet catering

Kasboekcollectief, exhibiting at Stichting KOP, Breda:
The kasboekcollectief takes daily life into account. These are the benefits of the collective. The expenses are the resulting outcome!

Rem van den Bosch, exhibiting at Buro Bk, Vlissingen:
"Stages for periodiacal fame"

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