Stijn Peeters - Lino's 2003 - 2005


Stijn Peeters Lino's 2003 - 2005

18/03/2006 - 03/09/2006
Artist: Stijn Peeters

The Van Abbemuseum presents a series of 73 linocuts made over the last two years by Eindhoven artist Stijn Peeters. The images tell a contemporary story about uncertainty and, more importantly, freedom and resistance.

Media images from Iraq are interspersed with impressions and events from the artist’s own life. Stijn Peeters focuses on such topics as the role of clothing, the eloquence of posture, religion and football. Topicality and art history enter into a dialogue with respect to both the subject and the medium used. The series serves as a pamphlet, but also reports on a feeling of discomfort.

Freedom is the guiding principle in Stijn Peeters’ reproduction of a piece made in 1830 by French artist Eugène Delacroix. The most non-traditional linocut from the series, it contains a reference to the present. Are we, under the pretext of defending freedom, actually relinquishing freedom? This series of linocuts expresses a high degree of autonomy and urgency. The visual medium enables the artist to disseminate his ideas on a large scale and continue to expand on them.

A publication of the complete series of linocuts is in preparation. This edition will be published by Hein Elferink, Staphorst, The Netherlands.