Story of Art

Iris Pennings zingt!
Griet Menschaert en Otto Donkers in De Grot

Thursday nights open

This thursday 2 Eindhoven based artists speak up. An ode to language in art and art in language.

From 6.30 PM
Iris Penning was born in Eindhoven. As soon as she learned to write, she loved it. Her stories and poems spilled out. And when she got a dusty old spanish guitar when she was a bit older, not a single day passed without music.

Come and listen to Iris in Karel 1 museum cafe. She also shares her inspiration for her lyrics with you.

20.00 PM
Griet Menschaert scatters her words on Otto Donkers'  raw beats. Together they are De Grot. Poetry and electronic music go hand in hand. There is also a sign language interpreter present, which gives the performance an extra dimension.

Griet was born in Belgium but now works and lives in Eindhoven. Language has always been present in her work; she is a writer, a linguist, a performer and an atist. When Griet met Otto, an electronic music talent, during a table tennis game, they decided to work together.

During this evening we will also show tweetsculpture, a collaboration project with other artists and writers.

tweetsculpture twitterpagina

1. De Grot by Griet Menschaert & Otto Donkers. 2. Iris Penning.

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