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De werkplaats van de stilte

Studio of Silence your-space

14:00 - 17:30
Opening: 29/11/2009 14:00
Curator: Freek Lomme

On Sunday the 29th of November at 14.00h, a debate will take place in the Eindhovense Studenten Kapel (Eindhoven Student Chapel) on art and religion, creativity and spirituality.

During the course of the afternoon we would like to explore the need for contemplation and the relationship between the process of reflection and creative power. After only a few propositions, the participant will be challenged to think about and share themes that connect these apparently different traditions of art and religion.

Although some will recognise something ‘divine’ in the creative proces, the subject remains unexplored in the world of the applied and autonomous arts. Individualism has made sure that the inner experience of divinity remains secure behind workshop and studio doors, or gives makers the opportunity to elevate themselves to the level of gods.

At the same time, we are looking for communal experiences. Often, these moments are brief and remain casual with no direct control by the individual. In Eindhoven, with its initiatives and ambitions for the creative industry, there should be a place for reflection and inspiration, based on contemporary forms of inner experience.

Studio of Silence is the first of a series of research explorations, looking at current forms of reflection and inspiration. This petition is a collaborative effort by Ingrid Bal, Freek Lomme, Barbel van Zanten en Martien Vissers.

NB - At this location, here is no elevator present.

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