Summer Tour 2011 - 75 years Van Abbemuseum

Zomertoer 2011. Foto: Bram Saeys.

Summer Tour 2011 75 years Van Abbemuseum

21/06/2011 - 14/08/2011

Is it raining cats and dogs outside? Or is it too hot to be out in the sun? It’s always a comfortable 21 degrees in the Van Abbemuseum!  During the summer months, the museum offers a special Summer Tour package, including a do-it-yourself tour passing the key pieces of the exhibition Play Van Abbe: The Pilgrim, the Tourist, the Flaneur (and the Worker), and a cup of coffee or tea with a nice treat at the Museum café with its waterfront terrace.

Guided by personal stories and funny or interesting facts you’ll get to know the main pieces of the Van Abbemuseum. You can make use of an additional audio guide, an inspiring sound scape or special map with the tour.

The Summer Tour is a fun experience for the whole family. For children until the age of 12 there are nice assignments they can do, a beverage and treat and a surprise at the end of the tour.