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Take It or Leave It Newspaper

Publication/ Intervention Dutch Design Week
22/10/2011 - 30/10/2011

The Take It or Leave It newspaper aims to actively engage Dutch Design Week visitors in thinking about and discussing the future of design.

Inside are articles by design critic of the Guardian, Justin McGuirk, researcher Giovanni Innella, designer Sam Hecht and others – all reviewing different aspects of the reciprocal relationship between design and economy. The publication is offered as a perception tool for the Design Week as a whole: a lens to sharpen one’s view on the surrounding design festivities. The newspaper will be delivered throughout the DDW venues by our paperboys and -girls who are prepared to offer not only a copy of the printed matter but a healthy conversation and some tough negotiation to go along with it. Make sure you get your share of each!

contributors: Eyal Burstein (Beta Tank), Gijs Frieling, Giovanni Innella, Justin McGuirk , Sam Hecht, Freek Lomme, Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari, Parfyme, Public Works, Helmut Smits, Lucas Maasen, Pascal Gielen, Ineke Hans, Alice Twemlow, Gijs Bakker, Alice Rawsthorne, Geert Lovink. 

Design: Lesley Moore

Editors: Freek Lomme and Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari


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