The Dutch Don’t Dance Division - Dance performance in the museum


The Dutch Don’t Dance Division Dance performance in the museum


On April 14, the Van Abbe museum exclusively presents the medium from which all inspiration comes: the human body. Ten international dancers from The Dutch Don’t Dance Division will move through and between the collection of the museum. This gives their choreography an extra layer, and enables them to communicate directly with the artworks.

The architecture of the building will breathe a special atmosphere on this day, because it is populated by a different kind of person than the regular museum visitors. Instead, the museum will be filled with top dancers who train their bodies every day to every fiber. They are their own artwork and have to face the confrontation with their instruments every day. You will experience the stimulating exhibitions of this museum with an extra physical layer.

Choreography: Thom Stuart, Rinus Sprong

Music (among others): Johan Sebastiaan Bach, Philip Glass, Christoph Willibald Gluck and Giel Vleggaar

This event is supported by Vervoort Projecten en André van der Gun.

You can reserve a place for this dance performance via the reservation button. The dance performances can be attended for free when you have purchased a valid admission ticket upon entry.

On the day of the performance you can also join the dance performance without a reservation, but beware: some locations have limited capacity. Reserve in advance to prevent disappointment!