The Exorcist #2 - A Play Van Abbe Journal

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The Exorcist #2 A Play Van Abbe Journal

The Van Abbemuseum is proud to present its second '-ist' magazine, The Exorcist, together with Metahaven and part of the 18-month programme Play Van Abbe.

The Exorcist zooms in on the issue of 'negotiation'. Today we seem caught in more, geographically and technologically complex forms of negotiation. Next to this there seems an almost unprecedented faith in the virtue of inclusion and communication. The magazine is divided in a wrapper edited by Metahaven, and a core edited by the Van Abbemuseum.

In the wrapper the issue of negotiation is explored from various angles. The magazine opens with texts reflecting on the 'failed' experiment 'Backbench', part of the last edition of Manifesta. Furthermore texts of and interviews with Dorothea Seebode (Philips Research), Markus Miessen, Simon Marschall and Chora Architects, offer a rich panorama of thoughts that deal with issues from production to politics and technology, to the use of maps in process of negotiation.

In the core the Van Abbe-team offers a view in the kitchen of Play Van Abbe's last two parts and through interviews with Charles Esche, Christiane Berndes, Hadas Zemer, Galit Eilat and Steven ten Thije gives insight into the inner workings of this ambitious museum programme. Next to this writer Daniel Miller offers an unorthodox response to he last part of Play Van Abbe, gives its views on how to avoid waiting on the archive and Steven ten Thije discusses the recently acquired and exhibited Territory 1995 from Marko Peljhan.

The Exorcist was available for free in the Van Abbemuseum and a number of worldwide destinations according to our 'Airplay' informal distribution network for a limited time only. The magazine is still available as a <media 3804 - download>downloadable PDF</media>.

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