The Music of the Great War - Music and the First World War

Luisteravonden Frank de Munnik

The Music of the Great War Music and the First World War

19:00 - 21:00

Listening evening with Frank de Munnik

They left for the front in crowded trains, to be back home for Christmas. August 1914. Hundreds of thousands never came back from this machine-driven war, and the First World War became known in history as the Great War. The war also caused divisions in music: Beethoven was not – or hardly – played anymore in France, and composers, poets and painters also went to join the fighting.

Frank de Munnik introduces you to the music of (and from) the First World War, with a large number of authentic recordings, including some of soldiers singing songs and the concert which Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria heard just hours before his death. Special attention is devoted to the lyrical and impressive music of the poet/composer Ivor Gurney, who composed four songs in the trenches.

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