The Netherlands as Stateless Democracy - Meeting in the context of a museum as a parliament

Museum als Parlement: Het Volksparlement van Rojava, 2018. Democratische Zelf-Administratie van Rojava en Studio Jonas Staal. Foto: Nieuwe Beelden Makers

The Netherlands as Stateless Democracy Meeting in the context of a museum as a parliament

14:00 - 17:00

In honor of the exhibition the Museum as a Parliament, you are invited to the meeting The Netherlands as Stateless Democracy on 11 November. The meeting takes place from 14.00 until 17.00 and takes place in the part of the Van Abbemuseum which has been temporarily declared as parliament. This new parliament is inspired by the ideals of the Rojava revolution in the northern of Syria, where a multi-ethnic coalition has a new form of stateless democracy based on local self-government, feminism and ecology.

During the meeting politicians, activists and artists discuss together about what the ideals of the Rojava revolution can mean for the Netherlands. Can we claim the state as a cooperative? Is the co-presidency of one man and one woman feasible for every organization? Can the municipality be declared a municipality? And can we collectively rewrite the constitution into a new social contract?

With contributions from Tayfun Balçık (The Hague Peace Projects); Olave Basabose (Black Queer & Trans Resistance); Ozan Demir (Federation of Workers from Turkey in the Netherlands, HTIF); Serda Demir (New Democratic Youth, YDG); Jelle de Graaf (Bij1); Rutger Groot Wassink (GroenLinks Amsterdam); Vera van der Heiden (Revolutionary Unit); Murat Memis (SP Eindhoven); Kenan Testan (Demned); Jeannette Vos (G1000); Sebastiaan Wolswinkel (PINK); Berivan Yiğit (International Free Women's Foundation). With music from Peshmerge. Chairman: Ernst van den Hemel.

Programmed by Serda Demir and Jonas Staal in collaboration with the Museum as a Parliament programming committee.

The exhibition is free to visit, you do not have to make a reservation. If you also want to visit the museum, you need a valid entrance ticket. The meeting will be in Dutch.

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