The public eye of the public eye


Symposium on social organisation + presentation paper related to the recent occupation of a part of the museum by some local artists. The new friends...

Opening: 15/11/2008 14:00


The new friends of the Van Abbemusem will put themselves to our agenda without any institutionalisation, call you a warm welcome and introduce themselves.

Before they occupied a part of the museum as to voice another sound from this tempoaral freeplace. They want to call up for another kind of participation. Now they will present their report, operating in collaboration with your-space.

With the publication of a newspaper as bagage, they invite you to join the table. Please feel free to step by and participate. Accordingly, they've invited some special guest to discuss the topic they we're raising. Speakers: Bart Rutten (curator SM's, soon to be curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam), Lene ter Haar (curator Het Domein, Sittard, soon to be curator Het Glaspaleis, Heerlen) and Anselm Franke (Extracity Antwerpen, Manifesta 2008)

Admission: free

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