The puintuin - Discussion by Vincent Wittenberg and guests

Bijeenkomst Vincent Wittenberg e.a. over puintuin Foto Ruud Scheerens
de puintuin
Van wie is de straat?

The puintuin Discussion by Vincent Wittenberg and guests

19:00 - 20:30

Lecture series Who Owns The Street?

“Imagination rarely triumphs over reality.” These are the opening words of Jan Reijs’s article “The king went out to steal” about the controversial “puin tuin” on the former THE site. This garden was designed by the visiting lecturer on practical landscape ecology Louis Le Roy, together with a group of students in the early 1970s. At the time that Reijs wrote the article, the project had come a halt because of the furore surrounding it. In 1983 bulldozers cleared the 300-metre long rubble garden.
Le Roy argued for long-term processes in which man, animals and nature could work together. In recent years there has been renewed interested in his work which has not lost any of its relevance. The designer Vincent Wittenberg initiated the project on rampant growth. He is an admirer of Le Roy’s work and has invited a number of the students who worked on the rubble garden in Eindhoven to talk about Le Roy’s work then, now and in the future. (In Dutch)


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Location: auditorium Van Abbemuseum.

Series of lectures and debates

This discussion evening is part of a nine-part series of lectures and debates related to the exhibition Who Owns The Street? This exhibition shows different ways of seeing the street – our public space. Who uses this public space? Who manages, controls and abuses it? Who is the owner and what responsibilities does this ownership entail? The series of lectures and debates takes place in the museum on Thursday evenings, and is organised in cooperation with Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven.

Click here for more information about the exhibition and the series of lectures and debates.

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