The Smart Street

TU/e, bouwkunde Urban Lab

Lecture in the framework of the exhibition 'Who Owns The Street?'
Auditorium Van Abbemuseum
Entrance: € 5,-

Ad de Bont is an urban planner and partner of Urhahn, an urban planning office. What's working on the transformation of city and landscape. De Bont connects design, research and process and recognizes himself while in the words of Jane Jacobs: "The sidewalk ballet, the daily interaction on the street, is the basis for an attractive city."

The notion that you live together with others in the city is the basis for organic growth and human communication. You feel at home in the city and walking or cycling greeting your neighbors, friends and acquaintances. If we entrench in houses and cars and ignore the public space, we deny the power of the city and urban interaction. But what does the future of the street now looks like we're increasingly using mobile communication and make us more and more guided by all sorts of digital data? Ad de Bont examines the relationship between public space, force of interaction, walking and cycling in the city and the use of new communication tools and social media.

Reserving beforehand is recommended