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The Spiral - Teun Luijkx - Fotograaf Jaap Vrenegoor 1
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Pablo Picasso Buste-de-Femme 1943 photo Peter Cox

The Spiral: tv-series and online game

Picasso Van Abbemuseum in international drama series
21/08/2012 - 30/09/2012

Our Buste de Femme by Pablo Picasso has been stolen!! Will you help us find this master piece and bring it back to the museum? Last year this artwork...

The story

The Picasso of the Van Abbemuseum is one of the six stolen painting across Europe... The Spiral tells the story of Arturo, a mysterious and enigmatic Banksy-like artist known in the art scene for his playful actions against the establishment. He runs The Warehouse, an art community in Copenhagen. Together with six young artists from The Warehouse, he sets up a major stunt: the heist of six major works of art. Arturo and the artists invite the audience to search and find the paintings to create The Spiral, the most valuable work of art.