The View from Here - Once Upon a Time... The Collection Now

Blik op de wereld logo. Ontwerp Debbie Hovens
Blik op de wereld / The view from here. Installation view, tower. 2013, photo Peter Cox
research project

The View from Here Once Upon a Time... The Collection Now

02/11/2013 - 31/01/2016

The exhibition 'The View from Here' forms part of the collection presentation 'Once Upon a Time… The Collection Now'. In this presentation in the tower, the museum invites guests to share their opinions on the world from 1900 to the present.
For the first edition of The View from Here, the museum invited art theorist Joram Kraaijeveld. He selected excerpts from documentaries made by nine Dutch documentary makers between 1913 and 2013 for an audiovisual timeline with the presentation of the collection.

Times change. Nevertheless, all sorts of developments appear to merge seamlessly. With the use of the medium of film, documentary makers can categorise times, bring them to a standstill, or breathe new life into them.
Neither the content nor the form are the same now as they were a hundred years ago. The Dutch documentary makers present different perspectives on the world of which they are part. They helped to write the history, first on celluloid and later on a digital hard disk.

These excerpts give an insight into the large number of changes which took place in the course of the twentieth century and up to the present. All the excerpts together provide a global view of world history seen from a Dutch perspective, and in particular focus on specific events and changes. This gives an impression of the speed with which all the social, cultural, political and economic developments succeeded each other in the twentieth century, from the newspaper to the radio to television to computers, from a few multinationals to a global economy, from a patriarchal society to a society with equal rights, from European conflict to European cooperation, from electric light bulbs to fibre optics, from colonial suppression to mutual dependence, from rural to urban living, from manual labour to automated production, from high art to popular culture.

Excerpts have been selected from the films of Willy Mullens, Joris Ivens, Leonard Henny, Johan van der Keuken, Heddy Honigmann, Jos de Putter, John Appel, Leonard Retel Helmrich, and Michiel van Erp.

Provisional selection documentaries

1913 Opening van het Vredespaleis, Willy Mullens
1917 Leger- en vlootfilm, Willy Mullens
1922 Phillips glasfabrieken, Willy Mullens
1924 Petroleum Film, Willy Mullens
1933 Komsomol, Joris Ivens
1937 The Spanish Earth, Joris Ivens
1939 The Four Hundred Million, Joris Ivens
1946 Indonesia Calling, Joris Ivens
1949 The First Years, Joris Ivens
1958 Six Hundred Million With You, Joris Ivens
1968 Le 17ièmme Parallèle, Joris Ivens
1968 De tijd geest, Johan van der Keuken
1969 But what do we do? Leonard Henny
1970 Black Power We're Goin' Survive America, Leonard Henny
1972 Dagboek, Johan van der Keuken
1975 De Palestijnen, Johan van der Keuken
1975 Video-Eyes, Video-Ears, Leonard Henny
1986 I love dollars, Johan van der Keuken
1993 Bewogen koper, Johan van der Keuken
1993 Metaal en melancholie, Heddy Honigmann
1994 Solo, de wet van de favela, Jos de Putter
1996 Amsterdam global village, Johan van der Keuken
1999 Crazy, Heddy Honigmann
1999 The making of a new empire, Jos de Putter
2003 Dame la Mano, Heddy Honigmann
2003 Senegal Surplace, John Appel
2003 Vlucht uit de hemel, Leonard Retel Helmrich
2006 Pretpark Nederland, Michiel van Erp
2006 Promised Paradise, Leonard Retel Helmrich
2007/8 Welkom in Nederland I, Michiel van Erp
2010 Stand van de sterren, Leonard Retel Helmrich
2011 I Am a Woman Now, Michiel van Erp
2012 Wrong time wrong place, John Appel