Theatre Tour - Yuki and the Curse of the Disappearing Artworks

Foto: Marcel de Buck
children / family

Theatre Tour Yuki and the Curse of the Disappearing Artworks

13:00 - 14:00
Have an adventure in the museum

The Van Abbemuseum is threatened with the disappearance of images, and the colours of the paintings are fading. It seems the artworks are cursed. To save the artworks the museum asked the Japanese Manga-Girl Yuki to help. Yuki has ancient powers that can expel the curse. To do this, you have to look at the paintings very carefully. You can help Yuki to achieve this. Can you get enough points to expel the curse? And will Yuki get her reflection back?

Yuki takes you to the exhibition The Making of Modern Art. The tour is accessible for the whole family. On this day a sign interpreter will attend the tour, so the tour will also be accessible for family members who are deaf or hard of hearing. This tour is in Dutch

Costs and reservations

The theatre tour is €3,- per person (without the admission fee), children until 5 years old can join for free. 

It is also possible to book this theatre tour for school classes or a children’s party.


In collaboration with: Theater in Context – Ingrid Duindam and Mirjam Verdhuijzen van Zanten.

Actress: Rebecca Schoolmeesters.