Theatrical tour - The investigator of everything

13.00-13.45 uur / 14.30-15.15 uur: THEATERRONDLEIDING / THEATRICAL TOUR
de onderzoeker van alle dingen2
de onderzoeker van alle dingen3
children / family

Theatrical tour The investigator of everything

13:00 - 13:45

Guided tour for the whole family

You will go on a new exiting adventure with the new Theatrical tour through The collection now. The investigator of everything is a curious little figure, which looks at the people experience things. He collects the most beautiful experiences in a little box. He will take you into his experiment: Can you put your most beautiful experiences in a box? Together you will discover a new world full of art and a new fun way to look at.

The tour is for every family member (only available in Dutch).

We offer this tour twice a month: the first and last Sunday of the month.

Reservation: Sunday 7 February, 13.00

You can also book this tour for school classes and children's parties. For more information and reservations: reserveringen[at]

In cooperation with TICwerk theater in context - Ingrid Duindam and Mirjam Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Actrices: Nahrea Goossens, Vivian Lambregts

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