Special Guests
Rondleiding voor doven en slechthorenden


18:00 - 21:00

Tech Talent & Mind the Gap

On this thursday evening we have 2 events in the museum; the Young Art Crowd is presenting 'Tech Talent', and there is a debate around special events for the deaf and hard of hearing.

YAC event Tech Talent
Let’s get virtual! The distance between the physical and virtual realm is diminishing. A good example is the ‘Manus VR’, a glove that accompanies virtual reality glasses and let’s you use your hands in the virtual world. Young, talented start-ups in Eindhoven are busy creating smart products like virtual reality gloves, new digital music instruments, and smart-shoes. On January 14, Young Art Crowd presents a selection of these young tech start-ups. Have a chat with them and test their tools!

18:30 guided tour in sign language
18:45 Start event (entrance hall)
19:00 Showcases
20:00 Demo’s
21:00 End

Event ticket: €5
YAC members: €FREE
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Debate Mind the Gap
On Thursday the 14th of January, from 18:30 to 21:00, the Van Abbemuseum organizes in collaboration with Woord & Gebaar an evening debate within the context of the Special Guests program. Several museums have special programs with guided tours for the deaf and hard of hearing. But it is often difficult to attract enough people. The Van Abbemuseum and Woord & Gebaar want to create a platform to engage in a broad discussion about these special programs. How do deaf and hard of hearing people think and communicate? How do they see the world and how can we take that into account?

Are you interested to participate, do you have experience with these topics or do you have opinion about it? Or do you want to delve into the subject and listen?
Sign up by e-mailing Marleen Hartjes, coordinator of the Special Guests program.