Thursday evening open - Lecture Who own the street & the 80s

donderdag avond open
Van Abbe koor

Thursday evening open Lecture Who own the street & the 80s

19:00 - 20:30

Lecture Who owns the Street? & The 80s

19.00-20.30 h: Streetstories II. Lecture by Jacob Voorthuis

Street stories II: How a street can be beautiful. A small exploration of the aesthetics of public life on the basis of three or four very beautiful streets.
Beautiful is not an opaque word, although people sometimes like to think differently. It is crystal clear, as clear as an empty glass. Beauty is a judgement with no content of reasons to support it. When I say that something is beautiful, and I restrict myself to that, I am giving an opinion without any grounds. This is precisely where hope is concealed. When we are looking for the beauty of the street we are above all looking for ourselves and creating places when we discover something. The beauty of the street is contained in lives and events, in reasons.  The beauty of the street can be sought by taking excursions into literature, poetry, music and the history of the street. (In Dutch)

The entrance is €5. Passe partout €25. Order your tickets here.
Location: auditorium Van Abbemuseum.

Series of lectures and debates
This lecture evening is part of a nine-part series of lectures and debates related to the exhibition Who Owns The Street? This exhibition shows different ways of seeing the street – our public space. Who uses this public space? Who manages, controls and abuses it? Who is the owner and what responsibilities does this ownership entail? The series of lectures and debates takes place in the museum on Thursday evenings, and is organised in cooperation with Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven.
Click here for more information about the exhibition and the series of lectures and debates.

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