THURSDAYEVENING OPEN - Listening evening & Van Abbe sings

donderdagavond open
Het Van Abbe Museumkoor
Luisteravond jaren 80

THURSDAYEVENING OPEN Listening evening & Van Abbe sings

17:00 - 21:00

Listening evening with Frank de Munnik & Van Abbe sings


The 80’s started in the summer of 1977, West Berlin. David Bowie is working on Heroes. The 80’s start on June 4th 1976 as the Sex Pistols play in Manchester, almost all present start a band later. The 80’s occur sometime in the early 70’s earlier in The Bronx, New York. Turntables as instruments, spoken words as music. De 80’s end on November 9th 1989, as thousands of people stream through the open wall.

In a kaleidoscopic listening evening filled with stories and music examples Frank de Munnik elaborates on the sound of the 80’s. Besides the enormous successes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Doe Maar, the 80’s emerged especially from the indie-culture, and small record companies, such as Factory Records, with their very own sound that resonates through until now. Falkland, MTV, CD, Chernobyl, Reagan, Lubbers ... Welcome to the eighties.

Frank de Munnik (1963) is the Professor of Music HKU Utrecht Conservatory and music composer for KRO-NCRV NPO Radio 4. He also works as an editor at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

Entrance €15,- (reservations online)

Van Abbe sings
19:00 - 20:00
Experience art and singing. On this evening you can enjoy a musical guided tour through the collection. The museum halls will be filled with the sound of a cappella polyphony and artworks are put in a different light.

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