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Toine Horvers

Toine Horvers. Written books Bibliotheektentoonstelling

08/09/2009 - 16/10/2009
Opening: 06/09/2009 15:00

Handwritten texts are a constant factor in the artistic oeuvre of the artist Toine Horvers (Loon op Zand, 1947). With a pencil he builds a sort of layer upon layer of chiaroscuro-like patches which, upon a closer inspection, prove to be descriptions of reality. Sometimes these patches take on the form of portraits or landscapes, or they may be abstract at first sight.

In the last few years Toine Horvers has collected series of these “drawings” together in books. The exhibition also shows photo leporello's made by Toine Horvers in collaboration with the photographer Henk Geraedts in the 80's, as a way to visualise his performances.

On Thursday evening 15 October from 19:00 until 21:00 there will be a guided tour of the exhibition. Toine Horvers will be present.

Toine Horvers. Written books consists of :