Transition I - Play Van Abbe

Installatie van een kunstwerk. Foto Bettine Verkuijlen

Transition I Play Van Abbe

09/03/2010 - 09/04/2010
Curator: Hadas Zemer

Play Van Abbe comprises four different parts and three transition periods, when the entire museum is on the move, bustling with installation activity and preparations for the next episode. During this Transition you are invited to take part in the real-time, behind-the-scenes aspects of the art museum. This will allow you to experience the museum via backstage corridors, exchange views with artists, curators and technical crew members and closely observe the installation processes. This inside-out museum experience emphasizes the multiple meanings and numerous players in the ever-changing museum domain.

Click on the links below or make your reservation via telephone number 040-2381042
If you wish to visit the rest of the museum before or after your tour, please be aware that you need to buy an entrance ticket.  

> Installations tour
Visit the museum workshop and the different installation halls to find out more about processes and techniques of art installing. A tour by Theo Wajon, Head of Technical Services.
Tuesday 9 March, Friday 26 March, Tuesday 30 March // 15.00-16.00 // €4,-p.p.

> The museum behind the scenes, transporting and conserving art
Discover how the museum transports its artworks and it keep its collection in good condition for years and years.  A tour by Louis Baltussen, Head of Conservation and Bettine Verkuijlen, Registrar
Wednesday 10 March, Tuesday 23 March (FULL), Friday 2 April (FULL) // 15.00-16.00 // €4,-p.p.

> Climbing the Van Abbemuseum Towers
tour and explanations by Architects from Eindhoven
Thursday 11 March, 19.30-20.30 / Sunday 14 March, 15.00-16.00 / Thursday 25 March (FULL), 19.30-20.30 / Saturday 27 March (FULL), 15.00-16.00 / Thursday 1 April (FULL), 19.30-20.30 / Sunday 4 April (FULL), 15.00-16.00 // €6,-p.p.
For climbing the tower good health is required and comfortable shoes and cloths are recommended.

> Research Library and Archive
a tour by Willem Smit, Senior Librarian and Archivist
Friday 12 March / Wednesday 24 March / Wednesday 31 March // 15.00-16.00 // €4,-p.p.


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