Trio exhibition 2009 - Jo Baer, Lynda Benglis, Jutta Koether

Lynda Benglis, Psi, 1973, Courtesy Cheim & Read, New York, Art © Lynda Benglis/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
Jo Baer, Zonder titel (Zwarte Ster) / Untitled (Black Star), 1960-1961. Collectie/collection Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo
Jutta Koether, Souveraine Nr. 5 (after Peaches), 2009, Courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. Foto/Photo Gene Ogami

Trio exhibition 2009 Jo Baer, Lynda Benglis, Jutta Koether

20/06/2009 - 04/10/2009
Opening: 20/06/2009 15:00
Curators: Annie Fletcher, Diana Franssen
Artists: Jo Baer, Jutta Koether, Lynda Benglis

The artists Jo Baer, Lynda Benglis and Jutta Koether have been invited for three solo presentations along side each other. This trio exhibition spotlights each individual practice, while also allowing one to engage with the potential relations between the artists’ positions. From different perspectives Baer, Benglis and Koether tackle certain elements of the history and current practice of painting.

From 20 June to 4 October 2009 there is a Trio exhibition of the work of Jo Baer, Lynda Benglis, Jutta Koether In the Oudbouw (Old Building) of the Van Abbemuseum. This is the fourth time that the Van Abbemuseum organises a Trio exhibition, this time with solo presentations of three generations of artists: Jo Baer (1929), Lynda Benglis (1941), and Jutta Koether (1958). They are connected by their choice for ‘painting’. Not pure painting, the non-narrative painting which does not refer to anything outside itself, but an evaluation of the phenomenon of painting in terms of art criticism.

In the ten halls of the monumental Oudbouw, Baer, Benglis and Koether tackle certain aspects of the history and current practice of painting from different perspectives. The exhibition makes clear that the medium of painting is not the only medium for them to challenge the tradition of painting. From the mid sixties to now these artists work, each in their own way, with a range of mediums like video, sculpture, installation and text. This Trio exhibition highlights their individual works, while at the same time the visitor can explore the potential links between the artists’ positions.

Jo Baer

Jo Baer’s oeuvre spans a journey and critical dialogue from abstract expressionism to minimalism to her current style rooted in metaphorical imagery - what she terms radical figuration.


Lynda Benglis

Lynda Benglis manifests her investigation of painting through a diversity of work from early wax paintings, through the poured latex sculptures known as ‘fallen paintings’. In addition to the sculptural work her oeuvre comprises videos in which she presents a parodic view of self-reflection as the antithesis to her own process oriented sculptural work.


Jutta Koether

Jutta Koether is not exclusively a painter she is also a performance artist, musician, writer and critic. Within the field of painting she is equally 'multipurpose' with her use of translucent colour fields, the gestural brushstroke, foreboding black landscapes, use of the female form and the lyrical appropriation of poetry and art, her work flips between an exuberant visual experience and a witty and rigorous critique of aesthetics.


Blend special Times 3 Jo Baer - Lynda Benglis - Jutta Koether

In co-operation with Blend magazine a special publication is realised, in which the idea of a traditional exhibition catalogue is raised to a higher level. In stead of an abstract of the exhibited works, this publication is compiled of specially made interviews, photo shoots and artworks, inspired by the oeuvre of the three artists. The special publication is for sale at the opening and during the exhibition. It is also available in stores.
Selling price €5,95

Trio exhibition 2009 consists of :