Tromp percussion festival 2016 - Three installations by Glenn Kotche

Interactive Prepared Drumheads
Glenn Kotche
Individual Trains

Tromp percussion festival 2016 Three installations by Glenn Kotche

19/11/2016 - 26/11/2016

The Van Abbemuseum and TROMP festival will be working together. Every two years the greatest percussion talents from around the world go to Eindhoven for the TROMP competition which takes place from 17 till 27 November 2016. Percussion is within the classical genre a special group of instruments which as a solo instrument is composed only in the last 50 years with crossovers in pop music, jazz, world music and theater. You can see and hear the versatility during the TROMP festival at various locations in Eindhoven. From Reich's minimalism in the concert hall of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven to club night where The Hague Percussion and drum 'n bass giants Noisia giants meet each other at the Effenaar.

On Saturday 19 November there will be built three installations by Glenn Kotche. Kotche is known as the drummer in the American band Wilco and guest of honor of the TROMP festival 2016. Besides his busy tour schedule with Wilco, Glenn Kotche makes sound installations with soundbites from his home environment, the studio and on tour. You can see these sound installations till 26 November.

Three sound installations

Cluster Music 
Go down memory lane with Glenn Kotche’s audio recordings made touring through several cities like Eindhoven, Tilburg, Amsterdam and Rotterdam From bus rides and hotels, experience the sonic blur of touring life. Position yourself in the center to experience the cluster of sound or move around to each speaker and explore the relationship between sound and motion.

Interactive Prepared Drumheads 
This installation is inspired by John Cage’ prepared piano music and certain percussion instruments like the cuica or lion’s roar. These drum head prepared with various materials are used to get more of a nontraditional, non rhythmic sound of the drums for improvising situations. Glenn Kotche uses the drum for many of his solo shows and other musical outlets.

Individual Trains
Rhythm, voice and texture are combined in this installation. The rhythmically layers complement each other sonically and result in the feeling of concurrent individual events with a hidden connection. The film is created from overlapping images or glimpses of Kotche’s home town, Chicago. These diverse clips of the city either directly or impressionistically relate to each of the sonic elements of the accompanying track.