Turntable lecture - Marcel van den Berg & Erwin Thomasse

Turn Panic Into Magic (2021), Erwin Thomasse. Foto: Peter Cox
The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World (2021), Thomas Van den Berg. foto: Peter Cox

Turntable lecture Marcel van den Berg & Erwin Thomasse

15:00 - 17:00
Artists talk

Turntable lecture

On Saturday 26 March, an inspiring afternoon takes place where artists Marcel van den Berg and Erwin Thomasse will reflect on their most recent project: their duo exhibition Van den Berg and Thomasse. The event starts with a musical turntable lecture by the two artists, focusing on the importance of music in their work. This will be followed by an artist's talk between the artists and Steven ten Thije (Head of Collections Van Abbemuseum), moderated by Rieke Vos (Curator Het HEM). The conversation will focus on the artistic practices of Thomasse and Van den Berg and their link with the museum world. The afternoon will be concluded with drinks in museum café Karel 1.


3 – 4 pm: Musical turntable lecture
4 – 5 pm: Artist talk
5 – 7 pm: Drinks in museum café


Admission to this turntable lecture is free, but you need a museum ticket. With a reservation you will receive two consumption vouchers for the drinks in the café. Buy your ticket here.

About the exhibition

Van den Berg and Thomasse both have a background in street culture, especially hip hop and graffiti. In their exhibition, Marcel van den Berg (1978, Alphen aan de Rijn) and Erwin Thomasse (1972, Eindhoven) give a critical reflection on the dominant culture of endless repetition. They see that on the internet, television, but also in museums, the same information is perpetually recycled. This repetition perverts the meaning - the truth – of what is being said and made.

Borrowing art

The two artists also want their works to literally get out onto the street. That is why visitors, schools and other institutions can borrow their artworks and exhibit them at home, work or school between April and June 2022. The works available to borrow belong to the series The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World (2021) by Van den Berg and Turn Panic into Magic (2021) by Thomasse, both on display in their current exhibition Van den Berg & Thomasse. The exchanges between the artists and the borrowers will be recorded and merged into one publication about living with art, which will be published at the start of the new cultural season. Would you like to borrow an artwork? Read more about how it works.

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