Two-part guided tour Positions #2 - Part 1

Anna Boghiguian, Honey on Razor Edge, 2015. Photo Peter Cox
Artists Positions #2

Two-part guided tour Positions #2 Part 1

11:15 - 13:15

Dig into Positions #2!

Want to get to know the artworks in our exhibition Positions #2 better? Then join a two-part guided tour on Saturday 16 January and 23 January.  Positions #2 brings together an ambitious and significant body of works by Anna Boghiguian, Chia-Wei Hsu, Nástio Mosquito and Sarah Pierce. They will for the first time show a major part of their oeuvre, including new projects. The works are loosely grouped around the thematic of history, testimony and storytelling. 


30 euro p.p. for 2 tours on 16 and 23 January. 

Special offers for the Young Art Crowd, Friends and previous participants:  20 euro p.p. 

Click here to register. You will automatically register yourself for 16 and 23 January.