Uncomfortable Diner - Agents of Change event

Joukje en Nadine van Het Ongemakkelijk Diner
Marianne en Annet van Het Ongemakkelijk Diner
Het Ongemmakelijk Diner Cooks and Darlings

Uncomfortable Diner Agents of Change event

18:00 - 20:30

This is how uncomfortable eating can be

This event takes place in room 6 of the exhibition: The 1980s. Todays beginnings?

You think diners with your family in law or annoying colleagues are uncomfortable? It can be much worse. Come and have a taste of the "Ongemakkelijk Diner" (Uncomfortable Diner) in the Van Abbemuseum. An experience that challenges you to communicate, cooperate, let go and conquer your resistance. Funny and confronting, artistic and bizar; the ‘Cooks and Darlings’ will make sure you will never forget this. You can participate for free when you’ve bought your museum entrance ticket. But do register via this form, because there is a limited number of people who can join.

The Ongemakkelijk Diner is a social design project from the Eindhoven district Drents Dorp. It all started with designing uncomfortable table wear but it soon evolved to the evening program Ongemakkelijk Diner. Locals from Drents Dorp invite and challenge visitors to see things differently, to communicate differently and to let go of control. Exciting, provocative, funny and mostly uncomfortable. While gathering all local inhabitants and improving the neighbourhood, this project combines the social with the artistic. The revenues of the events are used for new projects for Drents Dorp. The Ongemakkelijk Diner is a cooperation of CKE, Woonbedrijf, designer Bianca van Rooij, inhabitants Marianne Slegers and Aafke Dohmen and Esther van de Graaff, and a large group of volunteers from the neighbourhood. 

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