Unforgettable Thursday night

Onvergetelijk op 24 september. Merel Pechtold. Foto Robin Jilesen
Workshop Floortje Zonneveld. Foto:Tomek Dersu Aaron
Workshop Floortje Zonneveld. Foto:Tomek Dersu Aaron
Workshop Floortje Zonneveld. Foto:Tomek Dersu Aaron
Workshop Floortje Zonneveld. Foto:Tomek Dersu Aaron

Unforgettable Thursday night

17:00 - 21:00

Thursday night open

On Monday the 21st of september it’s World Alzheimer day. That’s why Thursday night the 24th of september will be an unforgettable night.

18:00-20:00 Walk-in Workshop:
19:00 Merel Pechtold monologue
19:30-20:30 Guided tour Unforgettable Van Abbe
20:30 Merel Pechtold monologue

Walk-in Workshop
Light is the starting point of the artist Floortje Zonneveld for the Unforgettable workshop. You first zoom in on a couple artworks from the Van Abbemuseum collection that have light as their subject. What colours do you discover? How does the daylight shine through it? What influence do the colours have on their environment? With enough inspiration  you then start  making your own ‘window’ with colourful light filters. At the end we project the finishing result on a big wall which gives you the opportunity to stand in your own composition.

Merel Pechtold
In an intimate setting Merel tells her story about her grandmother with Alzheimer. Merel Pechtold got into the final of Kunstbende with this story. Merel is 16 now but wrote this story when she was 12 years old. The first session begins at 19:00 and the second one at 20:30.

Unforgettable Van Abbe
The Van Abbemuseum makes the museum accessible for people with Alzheimer (and others forms of dimension) and their caretakers with the Unforgettable program. Together you look at artworks from the museum collection in a calm and positive atmosphere. You then discuss the artworks with each other and you get inspired by creative assignments. During the demonstration tour you experience the methods of Unforgettable Van Abbe. There’s also room to question the guide.
Join in and experience! More information about Unforgettable Van Abbe you can find here.

This Thursday night the museumcafé is closed. You can enter the museum through the main entrance.

There's no dish of the day but there will be a small bar in the museum. 

12,- adults/ Children under 13 for free/ Schoolchildren, students, CJP for free/ 50% off with the Eindhoven city pass/ Museumcard, Rembrandtcard, Friends of the Van Abbemuseum for free