Unforgettable Van Abbe - Tour for people with Alzheimer and their caregivers

Foto: Freekje Groenemans
guided tour

Unforgettable Van Abbe Tour for people with Alzheimer and their caregivers

14:00 - 15:30

Unlimited van Abbe

Looking at art

(please note: the tours are in Dutch)

More and more people are directly or indirectly affected by dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Looking at art offers opportunities to exchange ideas without having to fall back on short-term memory. It provides access to long-term memory and personal experiences. Moreover, it boosts brain stimulation through cognitive exercise; research shows that this has a positive effect on health.


The Unforgettable Van Abbe programme consists of interactive tours in the museum. Looking at art in an interactive way offers people who are dealing with Alzheimer's disease the opportunity to express themselves and to engage in a dialogue with their environment. This programme not only leads to an improvement in the quality of life of the person with Alzheimer's disease, but it also has positive effects on the caregiver and their relationship. Furthermore, the museum offers a safe and inspiring environment to get in touch with peers. The programme focuses on the positive, creative and inspiring, not the disease.

Unlimited Van Abbe

This guided tour is a part of the Unlimited Van Abbe-programme of the Van Abbemuseum. With this programme we want the museum to be accessible to every curious visitor, whether you are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing. Even if you are bedridden, the museum will come to you. Unlimited Van Abbe comprises of additional activities, guided tours and modifications to improve the accessibility of the museum.

The Van Abbemuseum and the Stedelijk Museum collaborate with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. MoMA started the successful Alzheimer’s programme Meet me at MoMA in 2006. 


We welcome individual visitors and their caregivers every second Monday of the month. The interactive tour is free, but a museum ticket is needed. Cost per ticket is €13, admission for one caregiver/companion per participant is free. Book the tour via the button above. Reservations can be made until 3 pm on Sundays prior to the tour.