VANUIT HIER - OUT OF HERE - Exhibition project following the 75th anniversary of the Van Abbemuseum

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VANUIT HIER - OUT OF HERE Exhibition project following the 75th anniversary of the Van Abbemuseum

03/09/2011 - 08/01/2012
Opening: 03/09/2011 16:00 by Esche, Charles (Curator, Speaker)
Curators: Christiane Berndes, Charles Esche, Annie Fletcher

Three exhibitions opened in the Van Abbemuseum on Saturday 3 September 2011, which focus on the vital relationship of the museum with artists and art lovers from the local area and see the city of Eindhoven as a source of artistic inspiration. The museum has been bringing international contemporary art to Eindhoven for three quarters of a century. It has built up an international position, partly due to the productive links with the immediate artistic environment. Artists, collectors, governments and various public groups have created close connections with the museum. They are an important foundation for its existence and quality.

The Van Abbemuseum is keen to enter a debate with people who support, challenge or question the museum's ambitions. Each of the three exhibitions which comprise VANUIT HIER – OUT OF HERE focuses on the significance of artists, collectors and the city of Eindhoven for the Van Abbemuseum in its own way.

VANUIT HIER / OUT OF HERE consist of three exhibitions:
1. 'For Eindhoven' - The City as Muse shows how artists are influenced by the characteristic qualities of the city as a centre for industrial production, a focus of innovative knowledge and expertise or a classical example of mid-20th-century town planning. Sometimes the artist responds directly to an existing reality while others take the collection of the museum as a starting point to reflect on art or develop works together with the local population. The exhibition has both older works – often reconstructed for the first time – and more recent reflections on Eindhoven and the role of the museum in the city.

2. The Collectors Show In this exhibition the museum values and examines the special relationship with its regional patrons. In The Collectors Show ten passionate collectors share some of the prized works from their own private collections with the outside world, often for the first time.

3. And on Sundays we celebrate Friday: If there is one artist from Eindhoven who makes local and international connections and serves as a model of disciplinary and cross-border diversity, it is Dick Verdult. Verdult is a member of the important generation of artists who emerged in the 1980s and also included René Daniëls and Henk Visch. The exhibition, with mainly new works, shows how Verdult explores the tensions between the normal and the unusual, the chic and the everyday, using very diverse mediums.

Next to the three core exhibitions the yearly Dutch Design Week programme as well as the GLOW Light Festival cooperation will be linked with VANUIT HIER - OUT OF HERE.

VANUIT HIER - OUT OF HERE consists of :


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