Viewing Depot - Plug In #18

Kijkdepot - Plug In #18. Foto Peter Cox
Kijkdepot - Plug In #18. Foto Peter Cox
Kijkdepot - Plug In #18. Foto Peter Cox
Kijkdepot - Plug In #18. Foto Peter Cox

Viewing Depot Plug In #18

16/12/2006 - 15/11/2009
Curator: Christiane Berndes

In the Kijkdepot (Viewing Depot), the public takes responsibility for text and image. In Kijkdepot, works of art are brought out from the museum depot on your request.

[The Viewing Depot closes on Sunday 15 November 2009, therefore it is no longer possible to request art works.]

Kijkdepot lies midway between an art depot, where all the artworks not on display are stored safely, and a normal museum gallery. Paintings are hung on storage racks in the gallery, so you can also see the reverse side of a work, from which one can descry traces of the techniques employed or deduce a piece of the work’s history. Sculptures are shown in their opened transportation crates. This makes it clear that the works are on display but briefly and will presently be withdrawn from view again.

Do you have fond memories of a painting? Are you curious which sculpture or video by a certain artist is present in the Van Abbemuseum’s collection? Grant a moment in the limelight to a work of art that intrigues you. Requests are processed in order of receipt, so there is an ever-changing selection of artworks on display in the gallery.

We ask for just one thing in return: we would like to receive a text at least 50 words in length explaining why you want to see this particular work of art, so we can display this motivation alongside the work of art in the Kijkdepot / Viewing Depot. This makes the rich reservoir of reasons for a work of art touching, delighting or repelling us accessible to everyone.

You can submit requests in the Kijkdepot itself, where you can find illustrated folders of the works in the Van Abbemuseum’s collection.

Overview Van Abbemuseum Viewing Depot

02.11.2009 - 15.11.2009 Week 45 & 46

On view 02.11.2009 - 15.11.2009

Requested by M. Koster (Eindhoven)
cat. 211
Fernand Léger
L'accordeon / the accordeon, 1926
oil on canvas
134 x 92,5 (incl. frame)

Requested by H. Grijzen (Velp)
cat. 336
Joan Miró
Composition avec des cordes / Composition with ropes, 1950
oil, plaster, rope on canvas
123,5 x 103 cm (incl. frame)

Requested by Shafiq Omar (Waalre)
cat. 386
Pablo Picasso
Nature morte à la bougie, 1945
oil on canvas
59,5 x 68,7 cm (incl. frame)

Requested by Marije Timmermans (Domburg)
cat. 1757
Marlene Dumas
Bluebeard Stills, 1987
mixed media on canvas
(8x) 110 x 100 cm

Requested by Thijs Meulendijks (Tilburg)
cat. 509
Carel Willink
Stadsgezicht / City view, 1934
oil on canvas
87,5 x 112,5 cm (incl. frame)

Requested by Leonie Kuipers (Amsterdam)
cat. 2610
General Idea
The poodle never begs except for meaning., 1984
cardboard, silkscreen on synthetic linen
(box) 26 x 25,8 x 3 cm

Requested by Van Eck (Eindhoven)
cat. 392
Serge Poliakoff
Composition, 1956
oil on canvas
92,8 x 133,7 cm (incl. frame)

Requested by A. Pelt-Thissen ('s-Hertogenbosch)
cat. 2171
Margriet Thissen
Zonder titel / Untitled, 1990
litho, silkscreen on paper
49,9 x 69,9 cm

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