Vrij Free Film: Radio Ballet - Your-space

Images courtesy of LIGNA
Images courtesy of LIGNA

Vrij Free Film: Radio Ballet Your-space

18:30 - 21:00

Your-Space presents:

Radio Ballet (2002)
Makers: Ligna
Location: Auditorium

Length: documentary 30 mins. followed by short presentation
Date: 6 May, 2010, 19.00-21.00 h.

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(programma is subject to change)

The free radio group LIGNA began in 1996. LIGNA consists of the media theorists and radio artists Ole Frahm, Michael Hüners, and Torsten Michaelsen, who since the early 90s have been working at the "Freies Sender Kombinat" (FSK), a public non-profit radio station in Hamburg. In several shows and performances they have been investigating the importance of dispersal in radio as well as of the radio. One of the main focuses is to refer to forgotten and remote possibilities of radio use in order to develop new forms of interactive practices. Another emphasis has been placed on the development of concepts and the production of performative audio plays in order to find out how radio can intervene in public and controlled spaces, so that its public nature reappears in the form of uncontrollable situations.

The “Radio Ballet” is an excellent example of the latter: it is a radio play produced for the collective reception in certain public places. It gives the dispersed radio listeners the opportunity, to subvert the regulations of the space. Held for the first time in Hamburg’s Central Station in 2002, this focused on how radio can intervene in public and controlled spaces, so that its public nature reappears in the form of uncontrollable situations. Yet, Ligna's performances aim to confront the privatised, controlled production of capitalism with the dispersed, yet collective, uncanny and public production of the radio. The Radio Ballet brought back excluded gestures of deviant behaviour were invited to enter the station, equipped with cheap, portable radios and earphones. By means of these devices they could listen to a radio program consisting of a choreography suggesting permitted and forbidden gestures (to beg, to sit or lie down on the floor etc.). These suggestions were interrupted by reflections on the public space and on the Radio ballet itself.

The radio broadcast will suggest ten different exercises to get the city out of your body. The dispersed collective of radio listeners will be able to perform deviant gestures that no one would or could do alone.

The movie night programme is provided free of charge, no reservations are necessary. Doors open at 18.30, and the movie starts at 19.00 hours. Afterwards there will be time to discuss the movies in the restaurant. Food and drinks at own expense at the restaurant.