Watch with the body - Art and yoga

Image: Niek Tijsse Klasen

Watch with the body Art and yoga

19:00 - 21:00

Costs: €5,- + museumticket
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How do you look at art? What do you experience when you're fully present, mentally and physically, in the museum room? What is the difference between just entering a museum or stepping into the room when you've just meditated? We will explore this in this workshop, consisting of 2 parts. 

Together with Marieke Verberne (Yoga Coach and museum educator) you connect yoga and art. By talking about it, but especially by doing yoga and approaching artworks in a conscious manner. Which part of the body wants to move when you look at the works, and the themes in The Way beyond Art: land and labour? 

In 2 sessions we will address the 2 themes in The Way beyond Art. 

! You don't need any yoga experience! An open mind is enough. 

On 5 October we focus on 'home', and on 2 November on 'labour'.
Ticket for series: €10,-
Ticket for workshop 7 September: €5,-  

! When you buy your ticket, your place is reserved. Note that you also need a valid museum entry ticket. Did you know that students have free entrance on thursday nights from 17.00 hrs? And that you get a 50% discount with your Eindhoven city card?