Werksalon, werktafels. Schetsontwerp Can & Asli Altay (Future Anecdotes Istanbul).
Werksalon, zithoek. Schetsontwerp Can & Asli Altay (Future Anecdotes Istanbul).
Werksalon, productieruimte. Schetsontwerp Can & Asli Altay (Future Anecdotes Istanbul).


23/09/2017 - 03/01/2021
activities with constituencies
Curators: Loes Janssen

The Werksalon is an experimental mediation floor dedicated to in-depth exchange with constituencies from the Eindhoven region. Through dialogues with different groups in the city concerned with social issues such as migration, ecology, social cohesion or gender issues, the museum aspires to expand and reform its social mission. The principle is to repurpose the museum and its collections for different needs and expectations, encouraging new relations between people and artworks to emerge over time. These relations will be made public through commentaries, inclusions and changes made to The Way Beyond Art in the forthcoming months and years. 

With the groups we look for links between issues that live in the city and artworks in the collection. We don’t see the the city only as a local context, but also as an important intersection for national and international movements. Collaboration and co-creation play an important role within the collection presentations. Instead of merely telling stories ourselves, we want to become a place where visitors can speak themselves.

In order to bring the different groups into dialogue, we work on the themes Land, Home, Work from the exhibition The Way Beyond Art, during the cultural season - September to June. In June we will end it with activities in the museum and the city. Linked to these activities, we will change artworks in the collection presentation The Way Beyond Art. We enrich it with stories from different perspectives.


Can & Asli Altay (Future Anecdotes Istanbul).

The Werksalon consist of three rooms:

Research room

The space where research is conducted within the different themes related to the city and the collection of the museum. In this space there are various possibilities for presenting the research and stories. It includes a.o. a podcast studio, presentation walls and archives. There is a map of Eindhoven on which all social initiatives in Eindhoven are mapped (in collaboration with Agents of Change). This space also offers space at the Arte Útil Archive. In addition to various groups working here, you as a visitor are more than welcome to look around or to relax on the pillows with some reading material or a good conversation.

Production room

Everyone can leave his or her idea behind by making a banner. The production room contains large empty scrolls and letter templates to leave powerful and interesting questions and statements. These huge banners are included in The Way Beyond Art, the collection presentation on the second floor.

Presentation room

A place that offers even more opportunities to present and meet. Our partners can invite their own guests (and museum visitors) for film screenings, discussions, lectures and presentations.



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