Who are we? - Traces of the colonial past in Brabant


Who are we? Traces of the colonial past in Brabant

20/10/2020 - 06/06/2021
Curators: Vivian Heyms, Silvan Vasilda

Victor Sonna's exhibition 1525 is accompanied by an extensive public program entitled Who are we? Traces of the colonial past in Brabant. In the program, participants and visitors are invited to reflect on the role that complex histories such as slavery and colonialism play in our lives. This project is on display in the Van Abbemuseum, in the form of a small-scale exhibition. The program was developed in collaboration with Vivian Heyms, Silvan Vasilda and a network of people from the province of Brabant, who all relate to colonial history from a matter of personal interest and/or family history. Who are we? offers everyone the opportunity to become acquainted with this complex history and to reflect on it in their own way.


Central to this program are the personal quests of our core group: a group of 30 people from the larger Eindhoven area (and other cities in the province of Brabant) who reflect on their own experiences with traces of the colonial past. During a visit to the exhibition, you can get to know the participants through photos and personal stories and objects. It’s a joint process: from the recalibration and questioning of our past to the reflections on the present and imaginations of the future. This process will continue to develop until the summer of 2021. Do you want to stay informed about the research program? You can find out more here and follow Who are we on Instagram.


Dit programma sluit aan op een speciaal scholenprogramma voor middelbare scholieren, ontwikkeld in nauwe samenwerking met het Van Maerlantlyceum.

De jaarlijkse Radically Mine! tentoonstelling sluit ook op deze thematiek aan. 


This exhibition also includes a special do-it-yourself tour. This tour takes you past thirteen works from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum. These are works that tie in with the traces we are investigating surrounding the colonial past. A booklet containing the (Dutch) do-it-yourself tour (re)introduces you to the collection of the Van Abbemuseum. The choice of works corresponds to the traces we are investigating. Behind every work lies a story that inspires you to see the world differently. This do-it-yourself tour is available at the ticket office (free of charge) and can also be downloaded here.