Wintercollection Van Abbe

Gabriel Orozco My Hands Are My Heart 1991 2089
Ian Hamilton Finlay, De huidige orde is de wanorde van de toekomst (Saint-Just), 1986. Foto Peter Cox
Alexander Ugay, Avio reparatiewerkplaats in Aktubinsk stad, 2002-2005

Wintercollection Van Abbe

14:00 - 17:00

In the 'Writing to Connect' master class (art) journalists look for original ways to highlight the relationship between the Van Abbemuseum and visitors/interested parties from the region.

One of the projects is the Van Abbe Winter Collection, in which three regional colleagues are asked to select one of the favourite works of art in the Van Abbe collection on the basis of their personal life story. The Eindhovens Dagblad is publishing these stories in a special report. 


The three artworks that are selected will be presented in a special presentation in the Studio of the Van Abbemuseum on Sunday 3 March 2013. As temporary ambassadors for the works concerned, the interviewees are closely involved in this process as guest curators. During the presentation of the Van Abbe Winter Collection there is a focus on the process of dialogue and meeting each other. The other projects of the Writing to Connect master class are also included.