Writing the Land - Discussion in the light of The Intimate Earthquake Archive


Writing the Land Discussion in the light of The Intimate Earthquake Archive

14:00 - 17:00
Perceptions of Landscape and the act of writing

For this event Sissel Marie Tonn will engage anthropologist Judith van der Elst and artist Jasper Coppes in a conversation about their work. Specifically we will focus on how it connects across their respective fields of research through a fascination of the land and how we navigate, sense and perceive it. The conversation started as a collective writing exchange between the three around the theme of perception and landscape. In light of the current installation in Het Oog, The Intimate Earthquake Archive, we will discuss the poetic and political implications of sensing and navigating the landscape, and how a cross-disciplinary approach might challenge notions of perceiving the ecologies we co-habitate. The conversation will take a point of departure in the writing that emerged through the collaborative writing exercise and will be opened up to a discussion with participants of the event. 


Furthermore a short introduction to The Intimate Earthquake Archive will be given by Sissel Marie Tonn, as well as the opportunity to experience the installation. 

Judith’s work test the limitations of spatial information systems for representing and understanding the diversity in human spatial thinking, using the concept of cognitive landscapes. Her work focuses on understanding multimodal perception of the land, through merging embodied learning, sensing technologies, and ubiquitous computing within a biosemiotic framework.

The artistic practice of Jasper Coppes unfolds around the transformation of spaces through subtle gestures that challenge the definition and function of built and natural environments. While rooted in active field research, Coppes explores the material and immaterial conditions that shape such sites. He creates large-scale architectural installations, texts, films and sculptures.

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