Young Art Crowd presents: - Screening your favorite

Young Art Crowd event

Young Art Crowd presents: Screening your favorite


YAC event on art and film

It’s already the last Young Art Crowd event of the year, and what’s the best thing you can do in the coldest month of the year, December? Exactly, going to the movies. Van Abbe's youth collective Young Art Crowd is organizing an exciting evening focused on film and art. We won’t organize this evening on our own, but in collaboration with our friends of Natlab. Especially for the Young Art Crowd, Natlab will show the irresistible Dutch comedy Aanmodderfakker, even with subtitles for our English friends! That’s not all! Prior to the movie we will take a look at the brand new exhibition Confessions of the Imperfect.

*  The Young Art Crowd is the youngest generation of the Vereniging Vrienden van het Van Abbemuseum. We organise great events for art lovers from 19 until 29 years and combine art with wonderful events. Besides Art Talks, the Young Art Crowd has been successful with Musée Manger, Portfolio Night, Atelier Visit and many Young Art Nights.

When: December 4th, 19.30 hours
Where: Van Abbemuseum, entrance hall
Costs: The museum is open for free (!), Natlab: €7 for Young Art Crowd members and students. Regular ticket: €8,50. No need to register!

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