Young Art Night #10 - TOP TEN


What’s your TOP TEN?

On September 23h it’s time for the TENTH Young Art Night!ere’s our (TOP) TEN reasons why this edition will be amazing!

1. HET WILD will do a music take-over! Introducing you to some of the finest house/beats/hip-hop/funk DJ’s in Eindhoven. Playing for you tonight are: AfrikaBoomNada, Beumer, and Traumatize. 

2. More music inside the museum: WIZET. Three long haired gentlemen, born in the wrong era but ready to take you on a musical journey to the place where they really belong: the sixties. Close your eyes and let them take you to Woodstock – with shaggy rugs, long hairdo’s and most of all: relaxing music. Don’t miss out!

3. Iris Penning & Jorizk Bronius. Singer-songwriter Iris Penning teams up with multi-instrumentalist Jorick Bronius to surprise us with their characteristic sound. Don’t miss your chance to let them carry you away with their unique recipe of poetry, guitar, percussion, song and a hint of electronic music.

4. Six emerging, young artists (Hannah van Luttervelt, Martin Laforet, Keke van de Ven, Kris Vleugels en La Jetée (Giuditta Vendrame & Paolo Patelli) will show their work in the Studio of the museum.

5. Did you remember Karlijn de Groot’s great performance in the Van Abbe last year? Together with Lars Leeuw she'll do a crazy performance full of rituals, sci-fi, cultural clashes, experimental dance and humor!

6. Artist collective Eldorado 3000 - Break the Bank. Break the Bank is the metaphor of the ultimate capitalist dream. You become the performer, with an absolute control of your own investment - the only thing that beats using your own money, is using someone else’s. Self-reflection, risk-taking, the joy of destruction, one way or another – Break the Bank guarantees ample satisfaction.

7. A performance van Jeff Glitches & JNKill. An eclectic clash of analogue and digital performance art forms. Surreal expressionist art is augmented with experimental interactive visuals in real time. JNKill’s painting comes alive through projections while it is being drawn. 

8. We collaborated with Beerze! Last July several artists and designers pitched their ideas for a limited edition Beerze Bold 10.5 beer label. Robin Berkelmans and Rutger Kamerbeek are the winning team designing a limited edition beer label. They’ll be served exclusively during the Young Art Night!

9. De TUIG Tattoo Shop. We are sorry, non-Dutch speakers: TUIG (Tijdelijke Uitspattingen, Inkt en Gezelligheid) is untranslatable into English. So, only one thing to do: check them out and get a super cool temporary museum proof tattoo!

10. Job de Wit - Fullscreen. Video clips flourish on the internet since YouTube’s arrival. The medium has developed into an enormously versatile and for each budget accessible discipline that borders between art and commerce. Since 2014 and at different venues and festivals, Job de Wit selects and presents the music video programme Fullscreen, where he shows very special new productions on the big screen. 

AND, you’ll see the museum like you’ve never seen it before! Two brand new permanent Collection exhibition will open on the 23rd and you can be one of the first visitors during the Young Art Night. During the evening there’s some exclusive tours through the new collection displays especially for you party people. And it's your last chance to see Qiu Zhijie's impressive solo exhibition.


One Night Stand (€8)  

Everlasting Love ♥  (€17,50) - A Young Art Crowd (YAC) membership not only gives you free entrance to this  Young Art Night; you also get free access to the museum and YAC activities for a year. 

YAC-members (€ free).

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