Young Art Night 6

Young Art Night 2015.1
Young Art Night. Foto: Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night Maart 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night Maart 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night Maart 2014, Foto Bram Saeys
Young Art Night September 2014, Foto Bram Saeys

Night for for young artists & music lovers.

On Saturday 11 April we'll have the sixth edition of the Young Art Night. The Van Abbemuseum will open its doors yet again for young artists, musicians, music lovers and life celebrators. The exhibition Forward! from artist Ahmed Ögüt gives us inspiration for a creative programme in high speed.

Pure Euphoria: DJ Keezus Christus starts the night with disco and classic tunes. His music is highly dynamic and always up tempo. Let him enlighten you, disco has never been that heavenly! Eb & Vloed take over later in the evening. These two guys love the black gold: vinyl! Old records, new records - they don't care as long as it is good house and good vinyl. A great party and lots of energy guaranteed.

If you are into new wave and post rock you are into ‘capcap… cap’. Supported by lots of synthesizers, hypnotizing bass, looping guitar effects and electronic drums, ‘capcap…cap’ gives not only a spectacular performance but also an audiovisual experience.

In the museum we are going to get wild! ‘Het Wild’ makes pop with mixed in ingredients like hiphop, surf, blues and rock ’n roll. ‘Het Wild’ never misses a shot and some great musical stories are waiting for you.

Kirsten Swensen loves the digital era, which she combines with a background in photography and local ingredients like art and technology. Next to her beautiful 3D images she will take care of some spectacular visuals in the Museum Café Karel 1.

The creators of the book Pen in the Park will come to the Young Art Night to give a lecture and a workshop. Pen in the Park is a unique revolutionary children’s book. The Gezi Park protests in Istanbul are narrated through the figure of a penguin named Pen. Create your revolutionary collage with Pen the pinguin and win this beautiful book.

The leslokaal will become a garden where Bloemenwoud will create the ultimate spring feeling even without the sun. Meneer de Boer takes care of the necessary sweet treats.

Scent choreographer Carlijn Stevens developed especially for the Young Art Night a scent composition inspired by the artworks in the museum. This leads to an improvised performance by drummer Johan Reijnders and dancer Sarah Bostoen. Go on a journey of scent, sound and movements. Meanwhile you can get creative in our DIY-Archive and create your own exhibition. Film lovers will get a special treat this evening. We will show several short films from young Dutch filmmakers. Lilia Scheerder gives a performance in the museum.

Lisa Vlamings lets you in on her thoughts with her 3D prints. Slovenian artist Aljaz Celarc will show some 3D prints as well. With his prints, he raises awareness about the constant, ongoing changes of the environment, left unnoticed. Forget the ‘Once Upon A Time’ - Paul Stümpel takes fairytales to a different level with his ‘Once Upon Many Times’.

Note to all the singles who want to stay single: Nicoleta Moise shows with her videowork ‘How Not To Get Married’.

Zeli Bauwens gives a whole other meaning to a bucket and a broom. Davy de Lepper confronts us through his photo series with questions about identity and what makes us who we are. Finally Moreno Dominikus Schweikle will literally burst the party with a lifesize piñata.

All your senses will be tickled during this edition of the Young Art Night. This night will be All Inclusive: the deaf and hard of hearing, the blind and visually impaired are more than welcome. Especially aimed at them, but also applicable for others, there are tours during the night that will focus on touching and that will sharpen your senses. In addition, there will be sign language interpreters joining in on several activities and the music programme will be accompanied by music interpreters. This is part of the .

You have two options to buy tickets.

One Night Stand
Single Presale tickets YAN (until 30 March) 6 Euro. After that it will be 8 Euro.

Everlasting Love:
Membership Young Art Crowd, 17.50 Euro
- Free entry to the Van Abbemuseum
- Free entry YAN 2015 and 2x YAN 2016
- Discount on entrance MuHKa
- Information about the activities of the museum
- Invitations to all major openings, lectures and events at the museum
- Discount on the museums own publications
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- A surprise of You Are Here concept store

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