Young Art Night #8 - GLAM edition

21.00 – 04.00 uur: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM #3: YOUNG ART NIGHT

Young Art Night #8 GLAM edition

21:00 - 04:00

part of the anniversary programme 'open for 80 hours'

Ladies and gentlemen: we are giving you reasons to party. 80 GLAM! reasons to be precise. With an 80th birthday party, an ‘80 hours open’ event to celebrate this and the opening of a new exhibition about the 1980s, we are giving it to you big time! And what would a party be without some 80’s glitter, gold and GLAM!?!

On Saturday April 16, from 21.00 to 04.00 hours, the Van Abbemuseum opens its doors for you during the 8th Young Art Night. Join us and find all the 80 reasons to party.

What to expect?

We welcome you with great music from DJ FlyLai and Sinclair Rhemrev, pared with old school visuals by Kapiteyn Vloeibaard. More music to be found in the museum: I Found The Cure will cure you from your cravings for some great new wave and blast your socks off with the ultimate The Cure experience.

Grab your chance and meet up for a photo session with Merel in our very special 80's photo booth. Clear your throat and flex your fingers for a solid bout of karaoke and who knows? There will be a transformation room - you might not end up the same way you entered the Young Art Night.

Of course, also this GLAM! edition of the Young Art Night gives the stage to young, talented artists. We organise a multitude of guided tours around the museum - just to make sure you won't miss any of the 80 GLAM! surprises we have in store for you.

All your senses will be tickled during this edition of the Young Art Night. This night will be All Inclusive: as part of our Special Guests programme the deaf and hard of hearing, the blind and visually impaired are more than welcome. Especially aimed at them, but also applicable for others, there are tours during the night that will focus on touching and that will sharpen your senses. In addition, there will be sign language interpreters joining in on several activities and the music programme will be accompanied by music interpreters.


Buy your ticket now!
You have two options to buy tickets.
1. One Night Stand ticket: 8 Euro.

2. Everlasting Love - membership Young Art Crowd: 17,50 Euro
    - Free entry to the Van Abbemuseum
    - Free entry 2x YAN 2016
    - Information about the activities of the museum
    - Invitations to all major openings, lectures and events at the museum
    - Discount on the museums own publications
    - Discount on entrance M HKA
    - Discount on films and theater screenings at Natlab
    - A surprise of You Are Here concept store.