Do I need a Visa?
Please check the list of the countries for which a visa is not required for a maximum stay of 90 days in the Netherlands:

If you have to apply for a visa, it is on your own responsibility!
Find more information:

What if my travel costs are more expensive than the travel budget?
Travel costs up to an amount of € 2.000 will be refunded. If needed, extra funding needs to be organised by you. On this website you can find some advice:

When do I get the stipend?
You will receive three installment payments. The first in advance of the research-trip, the second before the start of the residency in October and the last at the end of your stay.

Is the production budget at my disposal?
Yes, you can decide about the use of the production budget. However you should consolidate with the curator and organizer about the distribution and use of the budget, also in terms of communication, presentation or possible follow-up costs of the project.

What is important for the budgeting?
Travel and production expenses will be refunded. Therefore you need to provide correct billing. We will provide you with more information once you are selected.

What kind of insurance do I need to have?
Selected artists are obliged to take out travel insurance before the start of the residency. You will be insured at GGzE with a liability insurance. It is an ordinary contract the institution makes with volunteers working on the site.

Will I exhibit at Van Abbemuseum?
The projects we are looking for are site specific projects to be realized at the GGzE. However, the project will be presented at the end of the residency and the museum will host the presentation. Depending on the requirements of this presentation, it could take place on site at GGzE or at a suitable and available space in the museum.

The documentation of the project will be considered to be integrated within the Arte Útil Archive:

Will I get press contacts?
Van Abbemuseum and GGzE will provide support for the presentation and their communication departments are in charge of the transmission and handling of their contacts. You will have the possibility to get into touch with local institutions like the Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, the Design Academy Eindhoven (Social Design Department) or Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Psychology Department). Furthermore you will be provided with more infos and contacts to local institutes, off-spaces and workshops.

How do I get around in the city?
You get easily around the city with a bike that you will get for the duration of your stay. Transportation is also possible by bus.

Are the studio and the apartment in the same building?
No, they are not. The studio space is located on site of the GGzE and the accommodation is provided by Van Abbe. It is a house near the city centre and not inside the museum.

What about my beloved ones, can I bring my family/pets?
Of course you can bring your family, according to your requests we can discuss the possibilities. Same goes for your pets.