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About Van Abbemuseum

The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is one of Europe’s leading museums for contemporary art. The museum’s extensive international collection of around 3800 works of art includes key works by Lissitzky, Picasso, Kokoschka, Chagall, Beuys and McCarthy. The museum has an experimental approach and focuses on the relationship between art and society. Hospitality and knowledge exchange are important values and the museum is dedicated to deviant, holistic and inclusive ways of working. The museum is understood as both an aesthetic and a public institution with a social responsibility. The role of the collection is to serve as a cultural ‘memory’; and modern artworks can now provide the means to understand the past differently and thereby change thinking about the present. International cooperation is centred around the L’Internationale confederation of museums and extends to many other museums and art centres across the world.

About GGzE

GGzE –Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Eindhoven en De Kempen– offers help and support to people with severe, multiple and often long lasting psychiatric problems. It is the only organisation in the area Eindhoven and the region De Kempen to offer this special assistance.

GGzE was founded in 1918 on the terrain ‘Landgoed De Grote Beek’ which is about 117 hectares big and has about 80 buildings on it. Apart from this main site, GGzE has several external departments spread over the city. The institution supports around 20.000 people annually, almost 700 of them are stationary clients. With its 2088 employees and almost 400 volunteers, GGzE provides treatment of acute psychological problems as well as long lasting support to cope with mental health problems in everyday life.
To provide the right help to everyone, GGzE has divided its care into eleven departments that work regional and nationwide to offer help. Each department focuses on a specific target group: from young to elderly clients. The institution also has a forensic mental health unit on site.



The philosophy of GGzE is “Let people grow”. GGzE looks not only at the disease of the patient and its treatment but also at the human being behind it and therefore organizes and encourages the involvement of the environment of the clients as much as possible. This means to work triadic between the support of family and friends, professional caregivers and the clients to maintain and restore good physical and mental health and ensure that clients can participate as much as possible in society.

The terrain is open to the public and in spots like the restaurant ‘De Trefhove’ or the Café ‘Ketelhuis’ clients can meet other people. Also, clients with a difficulty to find a job have the chance to work there, get trained and gather experiences. Furthermore there are other places where clients can learn and improve skills such as gardening, woodworking, caring for animals on the farm, etc.
GGzE was honoured with the Planetree label, which stands for a humanistic approach to health care. It promotes interaction between clients, their families and professionals in order to achieve best possible care for clients while creating an inspiring working environment for employees.

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